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Who am I?

A little about me

I'm Francesca

I'm a Women's Wellness Coach and Holistic Core Restore ® Coach, which means I have specialist training in Core and Pelvic Floor Fitness. I focus on Post Natal Recovery, Hysterectomy Recovery, and 3rd Age Women's Wellness (Menopause)

My approach to wellness focuses on the person as a whole - not just performing set exercises, but looking deeper into a person's sleep, stress, digestive health, functionality, and more.

I graduated in Psychology and have a strong background in mental health, so I also give a lot of importance to a person's thoughts, mindset and emotions when it comes to fitness and wellbeing.

How did I get here?

Why I became a Holistic Core Restore® Coach

Growing up, from a very young age, I was always involved in sports and fitness - my top 2 activities were basketball and crossfit. It was always an area where I felt like my true myself, I felt comfortable, and I excelled.

After having kids, however, my body changed and my usual exercise not only wasn't helping - it was actually harming me more.

I was surprised at the lack of proper guidance out there for new mums - at just 6 weeks (even after the c-section) I was told I can resume my normal exercise - nobody checked or asked about my pelvic floor, or about my core connection and functionality. I joined a number of fitness classes, for the social factor - I was told to do sprints, burpees, sit ups, and planks. At just 6 weeks post natal!

I knew there was a better way, and my research led me to Holistic Core Restore ®. This programme got me back home to my body. It made me stronger, improved my posture, removed my back pain, closed my 'tummy gap' and I can now laugh and sneeze without any leaks!

Another factor that pushed me to become a Holistic Core Restore ® Coach was my mum's emergency hysterectomy - which happened just a little after my second was born by c-section. I wanted to help her in her recovery, but I felt so helpless as I didn't know where to start from. This again led me to HCR ®, as well as my studies in 'Optimal Health after Hysterectomy' and 'Peri to Post Menopause Wellness Coaching Certification'

This programme was so life changing that I decided to further my knowledge, and became a Holistic Core Restore ® Coach, so that I can do the same for other women who are struggling to feel at peace with their body after giving birth, undergoing a gynae surgery or who are approaching menopause.

Who can I help?


My courses cater for women of all ages, in any stage of life, with a deep focus on recovery, pelvic floor and core health, and overall wellness.

HCR ® Everywoman
Core + Pelvic Floor Health & Fitness
HCR® Diastasis
Holistic Diastasis Recti Healing and Core Re-connection
HCR® Recovery
Hysterectomy Recovery & Returning to Movement
HCR ® Release
Release & Re-Align - Flexibility, Mobility, Alignment, Relaxation
HCR ® Athlete 12
12 weeks of getting FITTER, FASTER, STRONGER (Online Programme)
Peri and Post Menopause Health, Fitness & Fat Loss
S.H.E Mamas
Full Body Fitness Class made for Busy Mums
Fit BusyBodies
Mother & Child Fitness Class for fat loss, fitness and fun
What have I studied?

My Certifications

  • Holistic Core Restore ® Coach Licensee
  • Pelvic Floor and Core Foundations
  • 3rd Age Woman Specialist Wellness Coach for ‘Perimenopausal and Beyond Females’
  • Optimal Nutrition and Lifestyle for Post Natal Recovery and Healing
  • Optimal Health After Hysterectomy: Mindset, Movement, and Nutrition for Deep Healing and Recovery
  • Exercise for Chronic Conditions
  • Adapting Exercise for Ante and Post Natal Participants
  • Certificate in Personal Training Level 3
  • Functional Training and Sport Specific Training
  • Nutrition and Weight Management
  • Active Ageing
  • Circuit Training
  • Training in Alternative Environments
  • Health Screening and Fitness Assessment
  • Advanced Fitness Instructor
  • Bachelor of Psychology (Hons)

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