HCR® Rel-Ease Programme

Forget ‘stretching’, let’s RELEASE, RELAX, UNWIND AND RE-ALIGN! Let’s change the narrative about what we need do to as busy women, living in a hectic work to feel good in our skins on a daily basis.

Introducing HCR Rel-ease!  This programme will change FOREVER how you feel about ‘stretching’ and taking time out, ALONE for you own mind, body, soul and spirit!

Aches, pains and changes to one’s posture as we travel through life are pretty standard for most women and many simply ‘put up’ with muscular aches and a loss of freedom of movement when there are both simple and delicious solutions easily available to us.

Holistic Core Restore ® ‘Release’ will become an ESSENTIAL part of any woman’s self-care toolbox and an ultimate act of ‘self-compassion’ as she STOPS, DROPS AND JUST LETS IT ALL GO!

Who is this programme for?

Anyone who:

  • Is feeling aches and pains as a result of muscle imbalances
  • Is always on the go and needs to wind down, de-stress and slow down
  • Finds it difficult to take time out of their day to just ‘be’
  • Has been told that their posture needs to be improved
  • Spends all day on the go, lifting things/kids, sitting at a computer, or looking at a screen
  • HAS A BODY that needs ‘releasing’, stretching, and mobilising

So if you’re a busy modern woman who KNOWS it’s time to STOP, we’ll be seeing you shortly!!

What's Involved?

This programme is delivered in an intimate supportive group setting, designed to RELAX you from the moment you enter the venue.  Women rave about Rel-ease!  Women are busy and the pace of life is getting faster and faster….we give women ‘permission to stop’!  And it’s most welcomed.

Rel-Ease is delivered as a one-off 90 minute workshop that includes simple ways to ‘release’ muscular tension that draws on self-massage, myofacial movement, Yoga and Pilates traditions. In the 90 minutes, we will take you through stretches, releases, self-massage, mobilizations, meditation and mindfulness. We will use several tools to assist with your ‘Rel-ease’ such as foam rollers, massage balls, breathing exercises, simple meditation on the breath, all in a delicious, nurturing space.

It truly is a delicious and ESSENTIAL part of any wellness strategy and suitable (with modifications) for all women.  Remember:  the function of your Pelvic Floor, the way you breathe and the healing of your Diastasis all depend on optimal postural alignment…it truly matters, so how about we prioritize moving freely in our daily life?

You will definitely leave with your body AND mind feeling ‘freer’ and less tense.

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…to fall in love with taking care of your body

  • A one-off 90 minute session that will relax you, downtrain your nervous system and leave your body feeling less tense
  • Free health juices and snacks after the session
  • A toolkit of exercises to use in your day to day life for self-care, to unwind, and to relieve muscular tension, aches and pains

Friday 27th December 6:30pm


90 minute session

Friday 31st January 6:30pm


90 minute session

Sunday 12th January 9:30am


90 minute session