Post Natal Reboot

Are you returning to exercise after having a baby? As tempting as it can be to rush back into intense workouts, it is incredibly important that you ease yourself gently back into exercising. You need workouts that will help you build strength from the inside-out, and help you recover and return to optimal function.

About these Classes

These post natal workouts are designed to:

  • Safely get you back into exercise (no matter how long ago you had a baby)
  • Help you re-connect to your core
  • Recover your body from the inside-out
  • Improve your posture and alignment
  • Improve your functional movement patterns
  • Progressively build up your strength and fitness in a way that is safe and effective
  • Incorporate mindful movement, relaxation, and downtraining
  • Educate you on your post-natal body, nutrition, and healing lifestyle habits
  • Help you identify any issues that may need further assessment or treatment

What's Involved?

Every class will be different and make use of different equipment, but will incorporate:

  • Functional movement exercises that will work your whole body
  • Breath and core work
  • Stretching and Relaxation

Even though each workout is safe for the pelvic floor and diastasis recti, some cases may need a more comprehensive programme to tackle these issues (please check out Holistic Core Restore®)

You will first be sent a comprehensive questionnaire – this will screen for any red flags, establish your goals and health habits, and ultimately determine whether this class is right for you.

Wednesdays 9:30am


6 weeksStarting Wednesday 8th January

Location – DNG Fitness, Birkirkara

Babies/kids welcome

Saturdays 10am


6 weeksStarting Saturday 11th January

Location – DNG Fitness, Birkirkara

Mum-only group

Wed & Sat


6 weeks

Join both classes (twice a week) and get a discount

Location – DNG Fitness, Bkara

Terms and Conditions / Cancellation Policies can be found here
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