During pregnancy our body goes through so many changes, and this can take its toll on our CORE and PELVIC FLOOR, leading to dysfunction such as low back pain, leaks when sneezing, incontinence, diastasis and prolapse.


StrongCoreMama is a one-off workshop/class that will educate you on your core and pelvic floor and how to keep it functional. It will go over the basics of recovery and core re-connection and introduce you to a few basic exercises that you can do at home to make you feel better, reduce aches and pains and start to get back into traditional exercise

What it Covers

  • Anatomy of your Core and Pelvic Floor
  • The effects of pregnancy and childbirth on your core and pelvic floor
  • Core and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction – what it is and how to recognise the signs
  • Finding and activating your pelvic floor muscles
  • Breathing Technique
  • Releases for tight muscles causing aches, pains and dysfunction
  • Core Strengthening Exercises
  • Combining it all – getting your body to work in synergy as it should be: proper breathing technique, combined with lifting the pelvic floor, contracting the core, and adding load and movement

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Classes once every 6 weeks – next date to be announced.

Half the cost of the course will be deducted from any future post natal courses you sign up for (within 2 months)



Duration: 90-120 minutes
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