S.H.E Mama Fitness

Effective metabolic, full-body fat-burning workouts for busy mums. Designed to make you fitter, stronger, and more empowered.


Being a mum is tough – always on the go, lacking sleep, and not enough minutes in the day for ‘me time’. But it’s important not to put yourself last on the list of priorities.

These classes will leave you feeling better, more energised and more in tune with your body.

If you cannot find childcare, bring your kids with you – there is a safe space for them to play, where you can still keep an eye on them.

What will the workouts do?

  • Promote the production of hGH (key hormone in fat loss)
  • Raise your metabolism and burn fat
  • Improve cardiovascular health and fitness
  • Are pelvic floor safe and indeed, provide pelvic floor strengthening
  • Make you feel good and more focused
  • Reduce stress
  • Increase your strength
  • Improve your posture
  • Increase your flexibility, co-ordination and balance
  • Make you feel more comfortable in your body through the ‘mindful movement’ section – this is very empowering!
  • Make you feel more relaxed and in tune with yourself

Structure of the Sessions

Following the pre-screening and assessment, if you are a good fit for the programme, the following will be what happens in each workout:
1.Releases and Mobilisations
Essential for postural alignment, ‘releasing’ tight spots, relieving aches and pains and overall achieving a better functioning body that is in synergy
2. Metabolic Full Body Workout
Exercises that work your whole body, cardiovascular system, and raise your metabolism. The exercises use a range of equipment and body weight, and are changed up each week to keep it interesting. All exercises also mimic functional movement patterns, so they are also making you stronger for everyday activities. There are adaptations for any fitness level
3. Restorative Activity
Stretching, down-training, relaxation, mindfulness through movement for more strength and empowerment


You can also opt to join a free Facebook group for more support, sharing of recipes and lifestyle tips, and further workouts.

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