The SHE Tribe

Wellness is something holistic, which cannot be singled down to just one aspect. This is a network of strong, empowered women who can guide you further in your wellness journey, depending on where you are right now and where you want to go.

Francesca Sant

Holistic Core Restore ® and Women's Wellness Coach

Francesca is the founder of SHE wellbeing, which began from her passion for guiding and supporting women in their wellness journey. She believes that there is no 'one size fits all' when it comes to wellness - it is an individualized and personalised approach. She also believes that the body (including the mind) is one whole unit, and for total wellbeing all aspects must be addressed - all the bodily systems will directly or indirectly affect the others.

Chiara Cortesi

Doula for Pregnancy, Birth, and Post Partum

Chiara is a mum, professional educator, child-carer, creative mind and a certified doula with the Italian association MondoDoula. Her aim is to support women throughout their journey of motherhood, and make their experience from pregnancy to the baby's first year of life the best one possible. She offers caring and non-judgmental support, including emotional & practical support, massage, relaxation techniques, company, rituals, help with breastfeeding and baby care and much more.

Maria Mangion


Maria is a State Registered nutritionist who can help people of all ages with weight loss, weight gain, weight maintenance and also with nutrition to tackle any health issues.

Her mission to encourage, motivate and educate all individuals who want to be in charge of their health.

Isabelle Anastasi


Isabelle is a mother, wife, teacher and counsellor. She works in the Anti-Substance Abuse Service as a guidance teacher within the Education Department. In 2016 Isabelle graduated as a Counsellor after following a 4year M.A in Counselling at the University of Malta. As both a trainee counsellor and a Counsellor, Isabelle has worked with several individuals facing several issues such as anxiety, helplessness, relationship issues, self-
esteem issues, eating disorders, addiction and several others. During her M.A she has delved deeper into Health Counselling and her dissertation focused on the relationship between the Development of Anorexia Nervosa and Mother-Daughter Attachment patterns. Isabelle believes that reaching out when faced with helplessness is essential. She believes that the therapeutic relationship can help restore the individual’s self-confidence and self-esteem and helps them identify several paths in order to move forward and flourish.

Michele Ricci

Gestalt Psychotherapist

Michele is a Gestalt Psychotherapist, Eye Movement Desensitisation and Repossessing Practitioner (EMDR) and a Clinical Psychology graduate, working towards hew warrant. She has been working in the field of Mental Health for 8 years, within several services.

Her philosophy is to work towards integration and acceptance of the self, that ultimately allows the desired change to follow - change and growth is the result of self acceptance, achieved through integration of the body, mind and soul.